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Corowa Landcare Coordinator makes a difference
12 Aug 2016

                                           Corowa District Landcare Chair's Report

Corowa District Landcare has followed the seasons with the group coming out of winter and into a very productive spring with the employment of our Landcare Coordinator position.

    Judy Kirk started in her position on 8th March 2016, and in her joint role as Landcare Coordinator and Community Support Officer, she has revitalized the group getting things organised and functioning the way the Committee envisioned.

    The group has progressed from a s355 sub-committee of Corowa Shire Council, into an independent Incorporated body. Judy had a key role in this process fielding the background work and constantly prompting the chair and committee on the steps to be taken to become Corowa District Landcare Inc on 20 April.

        With the disbandment of Corowa Shire and the formation of Federation Shire (formerly Corowa and Urana Shires) on May 12, the timing was perfect.

The committee has accomplished all relevant legal requirements within a short period of time, ably assisted by Judy.

    The formal handover from Council and Inaugural General meeting was held on July 25th, with most Committee members returned along with 3 new members to committee.

This meeting was also organised by Judy, resulting in a resoundingly successful meeting.

        For the future, we have projects of Connecting Corridors (a large revegetation biodiversity project), Redlands Hill and Boat Rock cultural brochures to produce, tree plantings, invasive animal workshops, composting and Sustainable soils projects, along with support to outlying Schools and other Landcare and Producer groups within Federation Shire and adjoining groups in both Berrigan and Greater Hume Council regions.

    Judy is ably assisted by 1 part time staff member, an enthusiastic committee and 150 members.

        As Chairman, entering my second term of office, I look forward to working with Judy, with her knowledgeable responses to the ongoing health of CDL Inc, and her bright nature in handling the community around her.

In the chairs report, I described Judy as the


                             Blossoming ROSE of Corowa District Landcare Inc.




    Eric Lavis


            Corowa District Landcare Inc.



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