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Katherine's Story on Racism - Mi Place (10 August 2016)
10 Aug 2016
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Katherine is a regular visitor to Mi Place, a mental health support service in Coconut Grove, Darwin. She shared many stories with us and so we created three films based on her stories. 

In this third and final film with her she shares a story about racism that describes her own perspectives on why we need to all be part of creating a more inclusive, accepting society for all people. 

Links to Katherine's stories include:

  1. Katherine's Introduction (www.vimeo.com/fermentcollaborate/fisintroducingkatherine)
  2. Katherine's An Activist (https://vimeo.com/fermentcollaborate/fiskatherineactivist)
  3. Katherine's Story About Racism (THIS FILM)


The Story Lounge is a mobile outdoor lounge setting facilitated by Ferment Collaborate and used in public spaces to engage with people willing to share stories. Working with the City of Darwin, this Story Lounge project is part of the Faces In Spaces project being delivered in 2016 and 2017. The Story Lounge aims to encourage local people to share stories on who they are, how they connect with the local area, what makes them feel safe and how they use public space use. 

Filmed 10 August 2016 by Steph Vajda (Ferment Collaborate) at Mi Place, Coconut Grove, Darwin




We aim to create dialogue and conversation with people from all backgrounds on identity, safety, public space design and use and what it means to build an inclusive community. We've collected stories in public spaces that homeless people frequent so we could speak with people like Jason who sleep rough and predominantly Indigenous. We've worked with community service providers like Mi Place, Forwaard and Larrakia Nation to talk directly with the people they support who are experiencing mental health issues, substance abuse and homelessness. And we've spoken with everyday people in a range of public spaces by working with the Faces In Spaces Green Room. 

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, with support from City of Darwin, the Faces In Spaces project encourages inclusion and community connectedness and increases participation in community life for people of all ages, cultures and means. The project activates public spaces using arts and cultural activities and place making strategies – a popular approach because it provides a more positive means of invigorating and enhancing community spaces.



Ferment Collaborate (FC) is a creative community development agency by Steph Vajda. He collaborates with planning, engagement, arts, cultural, multimedia, design and events professionals from around Australia and Sri Lanka to support communities to design, deliver and celebrate award winning projects. 

FC specialises in gathering and sharing stories  about place, aiming to connect people with each other and with decision making processes. People involved in FC design and deliver engagement programs, social planning projects (such as community plans, community led safety management, social impact research and more), multimedia projects including participatory filmmaking, community events and creative workshops, community building projects like cultural mapping, skill sharing programs and participatory research and also provide web and graphic design services. 

We also specialise in working with diverse communities. We have extensive experience working with Indigenous and CALD communities, with young people, and in delivering projects with a ‘whole-of-community’ focus.




Faces In Spaces is an initiative of City of Darwin’s Safer City Program and is a key strategy of the Safer Vibrant Darwin Plan 2016 – 2019. Read more about City of Darwin’s Safer City Program This Plan guides and informs the directions of Council’s Safer City Program and its work with partners over the next four years. Download a copy of the Safer Vibrant Darwin Plan.


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