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Fitzroy River and Coastal Catchments
29 Apr 2011
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Fitzroy River and Coastal Catchments (FRCC) is a non profit community based Natural Resource Management group based in Rockhampton. FRCC receives funding from the Fitzroy Basin Association and other sources to implement sustainable land management practices within the the Fitzroy and other Coastal Catchments of the Broadsound and Yeppoon regions.

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urbanlandcare Sat, 30 Apr 2011 9:16am

I note you are not depending solely on NHT funding under its various monikers. I believe Landcare groups need to seriously look at other sources of funding for their projects. We apply for funding from developers and businesses and compete with others for commercial revegetation projects quite successfully.

The change from Envirofund type funding $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 caused us major problems as we have over 400 people working on sites with new sites being added frequently and $20,000  CFoC just doesnt support that amount of activity.The Propagation and Support for Future Projects was a vital source of funding for our method of recruiting volunteers and keeping them engaged until site approval and funding was obtained. Our volunteer Revegetation Unit provides the trees and educational resources.

Timing is very important in the urban environment. New residents are really keen and are prepared to put in the initial big commitment to get planting done then relax to maintain it.