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No Apple Girl
5 Feb 2017

Dear Art Partners, I was conceived in Trois Pistoles (http://www.ville-trois-pistoles.ca/), where a Montreal native (Irene) picked my sister and me up as a souvenir for her mother about 10 years ago. At that time, I sported a Joy sash, a waft of blonde hair, and boarded an aqua wall. But like Arts Partners, my vocation has grown in leaps and bounds (even though I'm no flying health starlet ...whom I adore!). I'm no longer a wall JOY.

Instead, my simple handcrafted presence brings countless hours of play joy and solace to Irene's Mom who has developed some disabilities as she approached 90. It appears that my floppy arms and legs and pretty blue apron dress remind her of the corncob dolls of her childhood. Now she swirls me around to music as she sits in her bed and what appeared lifeless in me, lights up her eyes and gives us both welcome spirit.

Thank you Art Partners for being our 'Life Partners',  mentoring us on how imagination can help the simple or simply decorative to transcend into a tool for beauty, healing and healthy playfulness. Inspired by you and your artists & their mentors, plus me and her Mom, Irene says she's going to try and conceive some more of us Trois Pistoles people. There may be a whole community of us to share when I write next. Thank you!!! It's worth losing hair and sash to spin and laugh a little.

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