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22 Jun 2017
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A white faith based leader showed up in Tuckaseegee community 12 years ago to assist with exposing and sharing resources to improve the lives of the disadvantaged.  She learned she didn't know much about the people or the community.  The feedback from neighbors were 1 of 2:  She is our savior, or we don't need to be saved.  She has learned to use her ears more today and less talk. She is still a caring resident 12 years later in the Tuckaseegee area.  She is awed at the resilency of the people and readily admits she gets flustered and antsy if little goes wrong.  

25 years ago, a black woman transplanted herself from Bronx, NY and ended up on the outskirts of Mint Hill (NE Charlotte). Not content with all white culture she instantly moved to Central Avenue.  Not yet satisfied, she made her final move to Nations Ford Rd where she felt comfortable amongst her culture in all its richness.  Culture means everything!  Somehow the underlining message today is that living in an all white neighborhood indicates safety and comfortability, but that's only if you lack the understanding of your own vibrant and rich culture.

Young black sister was expressing her youthful idealistic  perspective.  She is  in "ready go" mode.   She is livid about verbal subliminal conversations and narratives setup by people. 'Hostile takeover' plans are to have you surrender assets and community pride by using one incessant message '...oh THAT community'.   There is an aggressive move on impoverished neighborhoods, and these folk are misunderstood because of traditional humility and compassion that is instilled in oppressed people.   It is interpreted as weak and vulnerable.  AND yes , "this too shall pass" doesn't help.  It reads: " trample over us and take our $h!+."  Her young determined views are to change the jargon heard, so minds are no longer sabotaged and brainwashed to the point that we sell generational property, which ultimately sells one's heritage.

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