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Samia Dillard, 14
28 Jun 2017
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Samia Dillard age 14

Has been a QC Family Tree participant for 9 years.

One of her favorite memories from living here is one winter season, the kids at QCFT went to the field and built a snowman and day after day the snowman would slowly melt so for most of that winter season, Samia and everyone would go back to fix the snowman until they could no longer do so.

Another memory of her childhood was at the QCFT community meal, the children had pen pals and not until the end of the week did they find out who each other were. Still today, Samia’s pen pal is one of her best friends.  

Her mother was born in Chicago and she was born in California. Her father is not around and she has many siblings, she is the youngest.

Moments of pride for Samia has been when she sang for 100 people at a karaoke night because it gave her confidence to go after her goals of being an actress/singer. Another time has been getting good grades in school despite her past with dyslexia.

If Samia could do anything with her life now, it would be to go after her dreams without fear and to be confident.  

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