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Greg Jarrell
28 Jun 2017
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Greg Jarrell age 37

He owns a non-profit called QC Family Tree with his wife Helms. He has two sons, ages 9 and 7. He has lived in Enderly Park neighborhood for 12 years and his childhood was spent in Raleigh.  

These were some of the questions asked in the interview

Q: Have you found God in this place?

A: I feel God when in solidarity between people and feel connected to others through experience and not materialistic things. also through hardship that happen in the community.   

Q: Are there any moments when you felt proud?

A: I am proud of making a kind and welcoming space for everyone at QC Family Tree. I am proud of building strong relations with my neighbors.  

 Q: How have things changed over time since you moved here to now?

A: In 2005, the streets were livelier and people both adults and children were on the streets more often. Now it is quiet and that is not necessarily a good thing. That means people have been forced to move out. The crime has not gone away, but it has been placed somewhere else.

Q: If you could do anything now with your life, what would you do?


A: I want to work towards affordable housing in Charlotte. 

Photo: LAH Photography

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