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Diedre Smith age 54
1 Jul 2017
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She was born and raised in Louisiana and has one sister and two brothers.

At the age of 42, her house got destroyed by Hurricane Katrina but all her family still lives in Louisiana because they lived in the country side of LA while Diedre was in New Orleans near the coast. She was devastated that her home was ruined by the natural disaster but she put on a brave face and moved to NC because that is where her daughter lived. She has been living in NC for 11 years and in Enderly Park for 9.

She has 4 children, all living in their 30s and with them, 8 grandchildren. She had her first child when she was a student in high school at 10th grade and she regrets not finishing school but at the time, leaving school was the last thing on her mind.

What she does in her free time is tend her garden in front of her house and her favorite plants are her Ivy’s, “her babies” she says.


Being asked if anyone in her life has influenced her life in a major way: she was changed by God later in life and that God is in her heart.

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