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A Mouthful - Local Business
4 Jul 2017
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Yolanda Warren, 47                Owner of "A Mouthful"

Q: What is it like having this business?

A: We have been here for 8 years and it is very hard to establish it and promote it in the neighborhood because of the consistent turnover of residents.

Q: What kind of customers do you get?

A: Mostly black people, some white, and some hispanic but my customers are loyal, I’ve learned to know a lot of my customers.

Q: What kind of food do you sell here?

A: We are mostly known for our wings and other meaty food, people also like the fish.

Q: Tell me some facts about your life.

A: I went to college at Livingstone in Salisbury, my grandfather was a business owner and my dad was a pastor.  I used to be an assistant school teacher for a couple years too.  

Q: Why did you want to start this business?

A: I was tired of the school system and wanted to be my own boss.

Q: Do you live in the West Side?

A: Not currently, I used to a couple of years ago but now I am more in the east side. I have moved around a lot in Charlotte.

Q: You said it is hard to have good business because of the turnover in the residents, can you go more into that?

A: Well this is a very poor area and the people who are renting the houses cannot pay so they are kicked out. These families do not have good paying jobs and that’s because they don’t have the education.

Q: What’s the solution to that?

A: The education system is a big role in how the kids are turning out. They have limited exposure to other things outside of their neighborhood. Going to learn math and science in the public-school system is pointless for these kids, they cannot see any doctors or mathematicians growing up around here for examples.

Q: Math and science is important but I sort of understand why it is not realistic for some kids.

A: At school, they are not teaching kids how to make money. Tech programs is what we need, if neighbors had money, they wouldn’t be moving. At the end of the day it’s all about money.

Q: Are there any tech schools in the area?

A:     No.     If we had that for kids, they could learn skills like carpentry, plumbing, hair styling, land-scaping. Jobs like that are realistic for this community. We need job training!! Teaching people how to have skills for a career. Not just a job.

Q: What are some lessons you have learned from “A Mouthful”?

A: I learned the difference between friends and business. I like to be friendly and kind with my friends, when they asked I gave willing. But I learned the line between being nice and sticking to limits with business.  

While Yolanda was helping her employee. I spoke with a customer in line, her name was Chocolate and I asked her how often she comes to eat here. She gave me two thumbs up because she loves the food from A Mouthful, “it is hot, fresh, and flavoring.” Her favorite is the fish. lemonade, and tea. She comes all the way from Concord to eat from A Mouthful!

Q: My last question for you is how did you come up with the name?

A: I was speaking with my family and we were debating between “Need a Napkin or A Mouthful” you can see which one won!

Q: Thanks for spending time with me.


A: Thanks for stopping in!

GO and Try A Mouthful for youself! On Tuckaseegee Rd. 

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