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Ann and Derrick Clark, mother and son at ages 63 & 33.
17 Jul 2017
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Ann and Derrick Clark, mother and son at ages 63 & 33.

Both live together on Clay street for 22 years. 
The strongest memories they have about the neighbor is the impact QC Family Tree made on their lives. When QC Family Tree first began their work in the neighborhood, they enjoyed their time going on adult trips around NC including trips to the beach, the mountains, and the lakes.

A couple years back Ann Clark had a birthday celebration and the QC Family Tree Staff gave her the number one gift she desired and that was obtaining a job. They hired her to clean the house and paid her hourly. She is very grateful for working for them during the time she did. Now in Ann’s life she is having difficulties finding work and it is especially hard because she does not know how to fill out applications.


Her son, Derrick, has made lots of strong connections with his neighbors through basketball. He used to do landscaping work but a couple years ago he got into a fight that ended his landscaping work that led him to having a rod in his leg.  He also worked to make a difference I Charlotte, trying to pass a bill called “No Child Left Out in the Streets,” he helped the efforts of this bill but just needed the logistics of executing it. Both Ann and Derrick are looking for ways to improve their lives and others around them.

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