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What I would change about my neighborhood & what I hope for
18 Jul 2017
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From the West Side Community Land Trust meeting on July 17th- 

What I would change about my neighborhood: a park for children, the fights, I want to make more gardens and community events, connect the culdesacs, build a playground, more listening, public transportation, less change, no violence, clear separation across economic and racial lines, homogenization of the neighborhood, bedbugs, diversity of residents and maintaining community while growing, trash and debris, litter, drugs, prostitution, investors taking interest in appearance of homes, more public transit, less traffic congestion, better streets and parks, I want meanness to change, to become more racially and socioeconomically diverse, speed bumps, healthy stores and restaurants.

What I hope for my neighborhood:  no gentrification, more stuff I can walk to, a reinvestment of the neighborhood that would impact neighborhood schools, more listening, valued business representation, neighbors on front porches asking each other for help, kids playing in front yards, families with children, less traffic congestion, new people, bus route, I hope for good and loving people, more homeownership, care for neighborhoods and renters, neighbors have a voice in change, more trees, less violence, revitalizing area, home improvement for senior home owners, stay safe, remains diverse, increase in property value of homes.

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