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Sarah Griffith
25 Jul 2017
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Sarah Griffith, 40

Living on Vanizer Street for 2 years

Occupation is Associate History Professor at Queens College. She uses her job as a professor to also be an advocate/activist.  As someone who teaches history, she can make her students deeply think about race and show her students that racism still plays a factor in today’s world. Over the years she had been working at Queens College, the demographics have been changing to be more inclusive of minority students.


Sarah also is a board member of the CRRA, Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency. She has been highly interested in the spike of Latino refugees moving into the Charlotte area and her job as a board member is to spread awareness of the process that refugees are going through and teach her students about it too! She asks them to reflect on what is happening locally and compare it to what is happening to refugees around the world, her students go out and interview people they assume would not have anything in common with but then realize that they are not so different. 

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