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Broome, the town that adopted me into the Australia landscape
25 Apr 2018
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I arrived in Broome on the 22 October 2009. I was a backpacker with a working holiday visa, arrived in Broome in the beginning of the wet season, with $75 in my pocket. I scrubbed toilet for free acommendation at the backpacker first, and ate off a tin can of coles tuna with a 60 cent instant coles noodles for two meals per day until I landed my first job behind the bar a month later. Slowly, I get my 2nd job, 3rd job, 4th job at the internet cafe, subway, waiteressing, cinemas, a retail store and a gallery. 

It was a very vulnerable stage of my life where I rejected my own culture and family because of my cross generational traumatic past, and exiled myself to a town I never heard before. 


Broome took me in,  Broome wanted me, she nurtured me with it's landscape, the warmth of the people in the local community, the arts, and strong group of creative and beautiful women who are artists, mothers, wives, singles and many other thigns, but most importntly, they are my friends where I can cry on, my rock and my sky. 


Broome adopted me when I was most lost, and feeling helpless and with no sens of belong and not knowing my place in the world, Broome grounded me, nurtured me and took me in. 



Broome are many things, the gate way into the Kimberley, she has the most stunning beaches, red dirt and the turquiey water. Indian ocean has the deapth of warmth. 


There was no sepcific events, but the story of how I landed in Broome broke, not knowing where it was before on the map, how I found my own feet and my own kind, and now called it my Australia hometown has forever changed my life. 


Through my 4 years of living experience in Broome, I learnt about my capacity for endurence, hardshipas an immergrant, I learnt about my own indepence, my value, my past which shaped me from age 23-28. 



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Caresse Cranwell Thu, 7 Jun 2018 7:46am

Thanks for sharing your story. Your courage touches my heart and reminds me that there is a basic desire in us for community, to reach out to others, to care. Glad you found it!