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Knot in this Body (detail), by Shelley Kay, 2018
11 Mar 2018

Media: found objects, paper, CT scans, wool, feathers, metal, bone 

Artist's Statement from the Onion Reality Exhibition

My brushstrokes are chaotic, menacing, repetitious, demonstrative, fearless and cruel. Their sedition somehow creates something multifariously hopeful; we make our lives from chaos, out of hope and love: a tiny child's face, an elder, a housewife, persons in distress or repose. A carnival of lived experience from the knot in this body. There is no form, only function: relief from complex trauma, it’s adversity, multiplicity and repetition. 

Each face a landscape. Ghost gums, waratah, cockatoos, seashells, water, clouds, sand, bones...I wish I was as light as a feather but here I am, bones, blood, minerals, water, toxins, flesh and skin. Muscles made tense from hyper vigilance: fright, flight, freeze or (fuck). Complex Post Traumatic Stress. Hanging on by a thread. 

The knot started early and is wound so tight it may never be unravelled. The knot holds the body together and these faces show the emotional states related to the pressure of being tied so tight. Pulling altered states into one form: Shelley K. 

This body holds multitudes – it owns three act plays, 800 page novels, sonnets, documentaries, tribal dances and thousands of black metal bands. It owns languages it cannot speak but hears; it owns the sand on the beach with its feet. It owns itself. 

In this skinbag of chemicals, the glorious knot continues its existence.

Knot in this Body, by Shelley Kay, 2018, was exhibited at the Onion Reality exhibition at Front Up, 9 – 11 Rowley Street, Seven Hills, NSW, from 27 February to 3 March, 2018. Shelley was a participant in the Emerge 2017 program supported by Ability Options, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and Accessible Arts. It is funded by Ability Options, the Packer Family Foundation and Crown Resorts Foundation. The program is focused on supporting practicing artists with disability.
For more information on the work of Shelley Kay, please contact Front Up.
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