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Noosa Integrated Catchment Association
10 Jun 2011
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NICA was formed in 1996, as the Noosa River Catchment Coordinating Committee Inc.  It is a community based organisation, representing 22 separate sectors, using the principles of Integrated Catchment Management to work towards an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable catchment which will provide the values required by present and future generations.

The first major project undertaken by NICA was the formulation of the Noosa River Catchment Management Strategy. It was launched in 2001 and signed off by all members representing their community sectors.  This is the principle document that informs of NICA’s activities.

Now in the implementation phase, much is being done to fulfil the Strategy’s aims and many important policies and planning documents, such as the Noosa River Plan and the 1997 Noosa Strategic Plan, have been informed by the Strategy.

The iconic Noosa River continues to be an important focus for NICA and since 2005 we have been able to supplement the River Ranger activities through our Volunteer River Watch project, using our own boat.  NICA sees this as an important way of maintaining a caring presence on the river, advising boatmen, and helping in improving safety, but more importantly maintain the health of the banks and riparian areas, monitoring important wildlife habitats, and of course keeping the water quality high.

Other major activities managed by NICA include the ‘Noosa Stormwater & Waste Wise Program’.  This ongoing program involves monitoring stormwater outlets for pollution, and carrying out periodic water testing, and activities aimed at waste and litter reduction through a range of community education measures.

One of NICA’s great strengths is its ability to forge good cooperative partnerships with other community groups.  This happened with the ‘Eco Kids Expo’, and was further demonstrated with a series of projects in the Ringtail Creek and Boreen Point Ecosystems and Riparian Enhancements project in the SEQ Catchments Ltd Key Investment Area (KIA).  This saw a wide range of activities involving private lands, public lands, riparian areas, assistance to existing community groups such as Bushland Care volunteers, surveys into the extent of weed infestation, the development of Property Management Plans. There was also further mangrove planting in the Noosa River near John’s Landing. 

For further information on NICA and our projects go to; www.noosariver.com.au





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