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2011 Exhbition at University of Western Sydney
1 Nov 2011
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Thoughts, Feelings, Imagination: The title of the BIG ONES LITTLE ONES® exhibition held at the Margot Hardy Gallery, University of Western Sydney, to coincide with 2011 NAIDOC celebrations.

The image “World as a Seed” was painted by Ipek Oztürk, TED Istanbul Koleji TURKEY, who wrote: “The tree is fed by the world so in my picture the world refers to the seed. The roots of the tree surround the world and its leaves represent the nations, all the people in the world. We all live in the same world and I think we are a large family that must be together, forever...”

 © Copyright the artist & Gallery Amichi


Art Community Culture Education Indigenous Rural/Regional Indigenous Social impact aboriginal arts arts and culture community cross-cultural cultural diversity indigenous social inclusion young people Youth
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