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Communities in Landscape Free Placestories Training
7 Jul 2011
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Communities in Landscapes is a Landcare NSW project, funded under the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country initiative (C4OC). This initiative aims to assist groups, schools and individuals to achieve biodiversity outcomes for the critically endangered Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands community.

The CiL Scheme will provide funding of up to $3000 to suitable projects within the Central West, Lachlan or Murrumbidgee catchments. The focus of these projects will be to improve both the condition of Box Gum Grassy Woodlands as well as educate people about the importance of this iconic ecological community.

The CiL is now in it's second round of funding. Successful projects from the first funding round included:......

As part of the CiL schemen, PlaceStories training is being offered to Landcare networks and other NRM bodies in NSW. This will then be used as a tool to report on project successes and challenges.

The Landcare NSW PlaceStories training team will whether all storms and travel to you to run the 1-2 day workshops.

These workshops are also a great opportunity to build partnerships and relationships.

To make the most of this excellent opportunity please contact:

Maryanne Smith – Central West & Upper Lachlan Catchments on 0457 953 779 msmith@landcarensw.org.au

Kimberley Beattie – Murrumbidgee & Lower Lachlan Catchments on 0457 953 777 kbeattie@landcarensw.org.au

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