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To Look Ahead We Must Look Back
15 Jul 2011
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The Hip Hop Debate - Affirmative Team 1

'To Move Ahead We Must Look Back'

TEAMLINE To Move Ahead we must look back wisdom from the past we must tap learning from our mistakes is hard but too long we been burning our own backyard

Speaker 1 We've gotta look back before we look forward learn from our mistakes or our future will be morbid we want to move ahead to a better world, instead of being driven by greed 'use only what we need where equality is priority resources aren't just for the few but the majority look at the disaster off Mexico recently pollution and oil slicks into the sea why do the turtles have to live with this its ridiculous our impact on the world is so conspicuous we destroy the rainforests and leave the earth bare we wonder why so many species become rare and its harder and harder to find fresh air we drive daily when we could choose to walk we know we need to change but all we do is talk in 2060 oil resources will end yet we continue to spend and spend and spend our rate of consumption just won't descend

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