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How to use Hashtag & Stories to grow your business on Instagram
22 Aug 2018

Over the last few years, Instagram has become an awesome social media channel to expand your business, this is because the platform helps to the marketer create a large number of followers and also bring direct prospective clients to your company.

It is also a known fact that Instagram interaction results to increase in sales and followers. Each day, Instagram keeps growing bigger making it the best social media channel for marketers and business merchants.

However, it is essential to improve your Instagram account and also have a good knowledge of everything involved in setting up your Instagram business page before starting.

To make your Instagram account stand out, you must have an optimized keyword, choose the right profile picture or probably use a logo.  Ensure you use the following on your Instagram account:

•    Clickable hashtags: To make your hashtag clickable enter # before the desired phrase.

•    Clickable profile links: You can also add a clickable profile link to other user profiles in your bio.

•    Story Highlights: It allows you to make emphasis on some keywords that tell your brand story.

Although the use of hashtag started on Twitter, it has now become popular on Instagram. Just by adding # symbol before your text, you can turn your phrase into a clickable topic.

This makes your followers also build interest in the topic and find countless contents that are applicable to them. To advance your Instagram account, here are the types of hashtag you can use:

•    Branded hashtags: Branded hashtag involves attaching your brand name to your post and have your users click on it.

•    Contest hashtags: The contest hashtag is created for a specific contest.

•    General appeal hashtags: This type of hashtag is famous among the general public, it can help your post get to a large number of people.

•    Niche-specific hashtags: These are hashtags that are related to an industry or target audience. 

•    Timely hashtags: Timely hashtag has to do with events and seasonal holidays

•    Entertaining hashtags: They are the funny hashtag that entertains your audience and also grow your brand.

Instagram Stories: Instagram stories started as an add-on feature to share short live videos or pictures that will vanish in 24 hours. However, this has developed into an essential part of the platform.  There are a variety of strategies that you can use to get results from Instagram Stories, each of which will benefit your business in different ways.

•    Share your users content

•    Get materials from your audience

•    Use pictures and videos that tell the story of your business

•    Go live and get your audience engaged in real time.

Finally, to get the best result out of your Instagram page, it is vital to carry out inquiries on each hashtag and also use various hashtags on every single post. You also can use additional services like Instagrowing to enhance the business profile visibility and enlarge the level of audience interaction. This will grow your business radically and help you reach the right sort of buyers, thereby increasing sales. 


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