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Rooftop Caravan Reality Retreat
25 Aug 2018
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Have you ever had that lightning bolt idea and then discovered someone on the other side of the world has already done it? Even when that idea is to hoist your collection of caravans into a rooftop and start a caravan hotel? Me too. 

Discovering The Grandaddy Hotel's rooftop airstream accommodation in Cape Town made me realise that sometimes it's just as good to find out your idea has already been done and then go and experience it without the stress of having to actually do it. This humbling experience of travelling to the other side of the world to sleep in the real life manifestation of a dream you once had was a bit of a lifechanger for me. Whilst sleeping for 5 nights in my little custom designed caravan I allowed myself to realise that in a world where anything is obviously possible it is also possible to just do nothing and marvel at the brilliance of it all. 

Previously to this my main satisfaction had come from bringing my own creativity to the world in new and unique ways that made me feel a sense of 'there's never been anyone here quite like me'. My holy grail was to do something no-one had ever previously done and to be celebrated for eternity for being that guy that did that thing. 

On my day trips in Cape Town and beyond away from my surreal rooftop oasis I was quickly impacted by a bigger, more meaningful way to leave a legacy... to contribute to a better world for all instead of just a self assuring creative legacy for myself.  Sounds so cliche I know but sometimes you have to visit the manifestation of your best idea to realise its insignificance against a backdrop of inequality, crime, racism and corruption. 

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