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Bar 1991
25 Aug 2018
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The memory of my boat trip to Bar Montenegro in 1991 from Bari,Italy was one with mixed feelings of excitement and overwhelming sadness for a country left at the age of eight emigrating to Newcastle Australia.Why such heightened emotions of a place I could not really know,a secondhand knowledge from my mother's fierce love of her country and roots.

What was my attachment to my birthplace ,is it through the pride of my parents, in 1991 I was 26 years old,.

I think maybe it was traumatic to change countries ,wanting to fit in and be humiliated by rejection from some of the adopted countries inhabitants.In the 1970's the wog word was often used,we had eggs thrown in our backyard in protest of unwanted neighbours.

We underestimate how strong a pullĀ  place exerts on us,if we understand love of place then its reasonable to understand how we all value it,each one of us.There is a platform to then have understanding towards eachother regardless of race,colour,religious,political beliefs etc,the love should unite us all .

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