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Online Advertisement VS Social Media Marketing
29 Aug 2018



There is a lack of information when it comes to the difference between the definitions and the various aspects of Digital and Social Media Marketing. It is often assumed that both these terms are used to refer to the same thing.

This lack of information and the general assumption is also the cause of problems when people who are unaware of the different demands of both these terms plan to build and develop marketing and sales strategies. Therefore, enough emphasis cannot be laid on the importance of clearly understanding and establishing the differences between both the terms.


Online marketing is an umbrella term that covers all the online and advanced means of advertisements and promotions. Contrary to the popular and common belief, it is not necessary for a digital marketing strategy or campaign to comprise of only online platforms. It has two components:

·         Internet Based Marketing:

This component of digital marketing refers to Websites, Search Engine Marketing, Online Banner Advertisements, and E-mail Marketing etc. In other words, this component of digital marketing can be called Digital and Social Media Marketing collectively.

·         Non-Internet Based Marketing:

This component of the digital marketing, as the name indicates, covers advertisement and endorsement sources that do not involve the use of internet or depend on it. For instance television, radio and digital billboards etc.


As established and discussed above, social media marketing is a component of digital marketing. It lies under the category of Internet-based marketing and is specifically used to refer to the use of social media platforms for the advertisement and promotion of businesses, companies and service providers. These social media platforms may include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter to name a few.


Both the categories of marketing have their own importance and significance and it cannot be established that in between Digital and Social Media Marketing any one of these can be declared the most effective and efficient. The choice of the marketing strategy depends on various factors such as:

·         The nature of the brand.

·         The purpose of advertisement and endorsement.

·         The number of people that the strategy is targeted to cover.

·         The product or service that is being endorsed.

Both digital marketing and social media marketing have their own pros and cons. There are some advantages that come with social media marketing that the digital marketing may lack and vice versa. The main benefits and drawbacks of both the types of strategies are:

1.      Digital marketing has no boundaries which mean it can reach way more people as compared to social media marketing as it is limited to only the people who are social media users.

2.      A social media marketing campaign is more creative and gives the brand some room to express and establish its services and products.

3.      The social media campaigns can target the youth more as compared to the digital marketing strategies and techniques. It is also way more cost effective and inexpensive and requires less effort to be run.




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