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SmartWatches vs SmartCuffs
4 Oct 2018

According to the newest raincoat rumors, Apple is saying their long-anticipated good watch along-side the new iPhone half-dozen at a media event on Gregorian calendar month nine, 2014. The Apple good watch is predicted to contain varied health connected sensors to watch the wearer's steps taken, heart rate, hours and quality of sleep, etc. this kind of data, in addition to the "HealthKit" developers tools that Apple discharged in Gregorian calendar month of this year, could lead on to new health and fitness apps to assist wearers monitor and improve their overall health and well-being.


But as anyone United Nations agency has ever forbidden complicated systems is aware of, the introduction of recent technology typically results in unlooked-for consequences. this is often all a lot of true once the new technology has the potential to be a game changer within the multi-billion dollar healthcare trade. it's even truer nevertheless once there are varied third parties concerned between the user and their doctor, like the wearer's leader and therefore the employer's underwriter.


While I'm sometimes associate degree, early parent of recent technology, 2 recent articles keep returning to mind as I ponder the anticipated edges and potential drawbacks of sporting a wise watch. the primary was a July three, 2014 Businessweek article regarding Carolinas health care that runs over 900 hospitals, nursing homes, and different care centers. Carolinas health care has been buying info on the MasterCard purchases, store loyalty card transactions and different records on over a pair of million folks. The declared goal of analyzing people's disbursal habits is to develop a lot of comprehensive risk assessments that can be done primarily based upon info patients voluntarily provide to their doctors.


The second article was a Forbes article from Gregorian calendar month nineteen, 2014 regarding, however, "more employers are opting to watch knowledge being generated by fitness trackers" in order that they will reward participation in company welfare programs and penalize unhealthy behavior. The article goes on to say that sales to employers are one amongst the quickest growing phase of Fitbit's sales.


While I in person haven't got any worries regarding my leader "opting to monitor" sensors during a Best SmartWatches  (I run my very own business) I actually have a broader concern regarding the overall direction our society is heading by acceptive the concept that it's OK for third parties (employers, insurance firms, government, etc.) to watch nearly each facet of our lives. Granted, we have a tendency to as a society already make {known|expose} an amazing quantity of data to third parties like cellular phone firms United Nations agency know United Nations agency we have a tendency to decision and wherever we have a tendency to ar 24/7, MasterCard firms United Nations agency understand everything we have a tendency to get, and net promoting firms United Nations agency track our each move online.


However, smartwatches go a significant step beyond the vast amount of information already up for grabs every time we scan a customer loyalty card or pay for something by credit card. There is an axiom that once information is given away, it can never be taken back. There is also a rule that once information is given away, it is impossible to control how it is used.


For instance, Japanese Americans dutifully filled out U.S. Census Bureau forms in 1940 never expecting that data to be used against them a few years later. For decades the U.S. Census Bureau denied participating in the internment of over 110,000 Japanese Americans during World War II. However, government documents published in Scientific American in 2007 showed that the Census Bureau had in fact handed over names and addresses of innocent people so they could be forcibly relocated to internment camps.


While I don't expect employers or insurance companies to punish "unhealthy behavior" with internment, the principle still exists that once personal data is surrendered to a 3rd party, the person who gave it away has lost all control over it.


In all likelihood, I will be an early adopter of the new Apple Best SmartWatches because I like the idea of being able to read a text on my wrist. I just cringe a little every time I realize that this type of technology is taking us one step closer to the point where our technology can be used to control us rather than us controlling it.

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