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Do you know about all the investment options available to you being an HNI?
10 Oct 2018

There’s no precise definition that can distinguish whether you’re an HNI or not. HNI stands for high net worth individuals and the definition vary from region to region with MCX tips, because no one can exactly quote how rich you should be to fall into the category of HNIs. In general, HNI is quoted in terms of liquid assets over a certain figure.  

Today, there is a wide range of investment instruments available. But, are you aware of all of them?

The following points depict all the investment avenues available for an HNI.

o    Equity

Equities represent the ownership. HNI traders heavily invest in equity market. There are many research hubs that provide best equity HNI tips, including 24 Carat Financial Services- a growing and leading HNI tips provider in India.

o    FI Bonds

Fidelity bonds are the best protection and insurance bonds that an HNI can invest in. These bonds insure a business for losses caused by the dishonest acts of its employees. Hence, in this ruthless world, fidelity bonds are something you can rely upon.

Know more about HNI investment share tips avenues only at 24 Carat Financial Services. Best services are extended by us after thorough research and analysis. Enhanced software is used by us to generate trading signals.

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