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Enjoy Your Tibet Tour Packages And Explore Cultural And Historical Essence
23 Oct 2018
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Central Tibet is a good focus to explore cultural and historical grandeur of Tibet. Hereby we will give you a complete overview of the Tibet tour. With the name Tibet, Buddhism comes instantly to our mind. So we will start at Samye Monastery where Buddhism was first established. Lhasa is the place to get introduced with Tibet for tourist. Yamdrok-tso Lake is a spectacle. The holy lake of turquoise lies under the mountain. The wildest vast land and barren winter mountain is an exemplary site to experience.

  1. Lhasa introduction to Tibet

Lhasa Gonggar airport is approx 68 km from the holy city. And from the railway station, it is just 15km.It is a beautiful city. With many holy temples and monasteries, it is a place for pilgrims. Handicraft and architectural work of tombs and monuments unveil the history of the land and its cultural heritage. Being on the heart of the city it is a destination under Tibet tour packages and being visited by a huge number of tourist. An overnight stay at Lhasa is generally fixed in the itinerary.

  1. Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple

The very next day the route starts from Potala Place. It is well known as the cardinal point of Lhasa. This palace is nomenclature after Mountain Potalaka. This mountain was abode by Avalokiteśvar or Padmapani who first endeavored bodhisattva. It has awe-inspiring architecture. To complete the tour of the entire palace minimum 2 hours is required.

In the afternoon when you will entire Jokhang Temple your heart will go spirited by the incense of yak butter. A huge number of pilgrims visits here every day. It is one of the holiest temples of this land. The architecture is a masterpiece of Tibet, Nepal, and China. Barkhor Streetis very adjacent with it which has a big marketplace where you can see handicrafts and also do shopping.

  1. Drepung & Sera Monastery

It is the largest monastery where more than 10,000 monks reside and practice their religion and Sutra. By practicing Sutra then attain the higher rank and hierarchy in their system. It is an entire white grandeur along the hillside. It has an ultimate solemn ambiance. The other great monastery is Sera. For the great Tibet tour packages, these two monasteries are must visit which introduces us with spirituality and architectural heritage. It has Gelug University where Buddhism Scripture is taught and is also scribbled everywhere stating the history.

  1. Yumbulakang Palace and Samye Monastery

On Yarlung Valley is in Tsedang city. It is the fourth largest city in Tibet. It was a place of the emperor of Tibet. Hence it is known as the cradle of this land. This leads to Yumbulakang Palace which is the oldest palace of Tibet. On the 7th century, it was built as a castle in European style. Samye Monastery is the starting point of Buddhist practice.

Yamdrok Lake and Karola Glacier

Yamdrok is a holy lake and Karola glacier is stunning beauty across the highway. Through Shigatse, we will complete the journey among the beautiful land of monastery, valleys, and grassland. The serene ambiance and obsessing natural beauty is the highlight of Tibet tour.
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