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8 Proven ways you can make some serious money with a food blog
25 Oct 2018

Blogging is one of the many ways of communicating with people in the web through writing. As an expression, writing can help you pass your ideas across various platforms in the easiest way possible. If you are a professional in a particular field like cooking and you feel that your information may be useful to others out there, then why not share it? But then, sharing it through social media may not be that profitable to you. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Blogging can get your message to your intended audience and at the same time, earn you some good money which you would not have earned otherwise. Interesting? Definitely is!  Imagine just having to write proficiently and earning well as a result! 

Many people may not be aware of how much their blogs could source in monthly income. Some may not even be aware that you could get paid from blogging. Ever thought about it? 

Interested in trying this out? Earning money by just having to write can be more satisfying that you can ever imagine. But you should have at the back of your mind some hard facts about blogging which are that:

It's never so easy
Yes, I mentioned that this is the easiest way to reach out to people online and even make money in the process. But how easy is this easy, really? Nothing comes easy in life, you always have to put effort somewhere to make something worthwhile. Blogging is not a ride in the park, but if you choose to look beyond the effort, everything will come easy with time.

Reaching out
Reaching out to your audience and hoping to leave an impression on a majority of them is probably one of the most difficult things in every business. However, always have in mind that the moment you leave a good impression on one or two people, there is a high chance that they will recommend you to someone else that may have been looking for the information you provide. Growth is a process, and so is blogging.

Are you now ready to make money from your blogs? Here goes:

Establish your blog well
As a blogger, you should more than anyone else understand the value of patience. Do not expect results in a few days, weeks or months and in the process, end up forgetting to establish yourself! Establish your blog first, because a well-established blog has a higher chance of earning, ten times more than one that is not. Give your content a touch of perfection. This will leave a good impression on your visitors. Drop a call to action at the end of each post like "follow" or "subscribe" to assure you of an audience from people who like your content.

Make your posts consistent. People who follow your blog will be waiting on your posts, therefore you have to make them consistent. Don't take too long to publish one, and don't rush either. The best policy, however, is posting at regular intervals of a certain number of days or weeks. Don't take months before publishing the next post.

Once you have a stable audience and therefore healthy growth of your blog, you can go ahead to the next step.

Sell yourself out
You by now have realized that planning is way more important than just rushing to act. When you have a good plan of how to go about whatever you intend to achieve at the end, then your chances of success will actually shoot higher. These two are the first slow steps of making money from your blog, and they are just as important as the ones that will follow.

Selling yourself out is the most important step if you intend to make good money. People should know your work exists. People should know you and most importantly, they should know your quality is outstanding. Therefore, share your work. Begin with the people around you like friends and family, then proceed to the ones you interact with every day and finally, social media. Social media is used as a tool for growth in business, can transform you into a great figure in no time.

Google AdSense
Now you have made your pace and you are ready to take off. You have all the tools and means to make money with a good establishment of both your work and yourself. Reach out to Google and make a difference! 

Google AdSense is an affiliate program for advertisements where you get paid to advertise. Here, all you have to do is make an application to Google AdSense, and what comes next will be advertising, and the products or services you embed to your posts will earn you money when people click on the ads to view or make purchases. In order to maintain relevance, it is advisable to choose from the various ads, those that relate to your work in one way or another. For instance, it would not make sense to advertise financial services on a food blog. Food blogs will best be suited by ads that have are related to food, like the best restaurants in a particular city.

The following are some ups of making an engagement with Google AdSense:

Free joining. You don't have to spend a single cent upon or during sign up.
Qualification is so easy. Actually, qualification is open to any blog, as long as its content is relevant. New blogs, therefore, have a chance here too.
It has several advertisement options. You, therefore, have a large galore to choose from and thus getting an ad that in one way or another matches your content becomes no issue.

Sideline affiliate marketing
While Google AdSense is more of advertising, affiliate marketing is another way to make some good money on a monthly basis. There are several types of affiliate marketing, but sideline affiliate marketing is exactly what you need for your blog. Here, you will be marketing partly and beside your work. You could attach links of products or services which only you trust. In order to maintain your audience, do not ever market products or services whose validity you are not certain of.

Sponsored posts or advertising
Still in the advertising and marketing business, you could choose to allow people to make money from you and in turn, you earn from them too. Unlike the other marketing and advertisement options, here you don't do it directly yourself, but you charge people to post in your blog or advertise.

Sell your work
This may not work for everyone, but done right, you could earn some good money. Write an eBook or sell videos of the information you are providing, then attach them to your blog content. This way, readers who are interested in more could make your purchases and this money will go directly to your pockets.

Allow people to use your blog posts in their publications
At times, other writers or bloggers may need to refer to certain blogs that explained in-depth something that is of value to their work. They may, therefore, reach out to you, hoping you'll allow them to use your posts in their publications while giving you the credit. Do not give your work off for free.

Most businesses are investments. You hope to earn from your blog, meaning to you it's a business. You should, therefore, be willing to invest. Your investments will go to improving your blog and making it bigger and better to draw more web traffic. Invest in your domain name, web host, blogging platform and other services provided like themes. They may not seem critical at first because you could get all these without investing. But will you make any money if you do not make some worthy sacrifices?

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