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Tips to Throw Classy Party Decoration for Fun
3 Nov 2018

We all like to celebrate life events like engagement, wedding anniversary, baby showers, housewarming and birthdays. But these events are incomplete and not much fun if we have not decorated or arranged the event well. Preparations for hosting a party are to be done well in advance like booking the venue, its decorations, catering, invitations etc. If all of the arrangements are planned and executed well then only we can throw a classy party. So we are here to help you out and give you some tips for throwing a classy party.


1. Decorate the table with Food

Everyone comes for food and if the food is good the party would be absolutely fun. This is very true when people go for parties they expect good food and when these delicious dishes are served well it makes our party success. You can decorate the table with beverages, appetizers, main course, and dessert. The food can be served in simply in silver plates and increase the attraction of the party. This nicely decorated food table will be the main attraction of the room.


2. Ambiance with Candle

If you want to host a classy birthday party but you are low on budget, lighting candles and keeping it artistically in the room would improve the ambiance of the area. It would also be very cost effective. You can even eliminate too much decoration and go with minimal decoration as this soft light wouldn’t light all the corners of the room. You can use different kind of fragrance like fragrance candles too. These candles could be placed at different heights and spaces to light up the entire room.


3. Make it Casual

It doesn’t have to be a glam and glitz affair all the time. You can keep it casual and cool. You can arrange for a big soft mat, place cozy pillows over it and light up some lamps. You can arrange a center table where you can keep snacks.  This would be a good idea if you have invited your inner circle of friends. This atmosphere will create an intimate and casual atmosphere around and you guys can enjoy your personal space.


4. Plan Music

Good Music is must for having a fun party. You can create a playlist beforehand so that the music is not interrupted on the party day. You can ask for the choices of the guests too. We can start with some soft music when people having food and then switch to rap and pop beats one can groove their body on. We are pretty sure the guests would ask for its copy at the end of the party.


5. The Prom Dance Theme

You can keep this theme people will arrive in couples and then you can dance till you drop. Dance parties are the best parties and they would be cherished forever and you can also take pictures to make the celebration memorable. Get balloon delivery and decorate the venue with balloons for prom dance party.


We still have so many fun decoration ideas that would light up your party. The most important thing while hosting a party is warmly welcoming your guests and checking they are having fun. Thus we hope these ideas help you host a classy party.

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