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Rumours that Medcrave in Predatory Publishers List
16 Nov 2018

Medcrave offers financial help to the research students and the scholars through the publication fees, scholarships, and grants. The academicians, scholars and the researchers appreciably benefit from the profitable membership packages. Medcrave even arranges for conferences, seminars as well as discussions for its members, where their reputed members can discuss their opinions, perspectives on various noteworthy subjects. The budding scholars and the well-known scientists register at Medcrave’s publishing site for providing superior-quality articles. This e-book publisher makes an earnest effort to review, edit and offer accurate and updated content for community benefit. Contrary to the rumours that medcrave in predatory publishers list, it has earned positive reviews and earned phenomenal success due to its superior quality content offered by the reputed authors. Publishing libraries, examination centres, insightful affiliations, universities as well as government associations support and encourage Medcrave’s informative journals. The site provides information on scores of topics such as critical care, ophthalmology, weight management and much more.

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