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Pianist Par Excellence
28 Aug 2011

When I was very young, my mother sat me in front of a piano and there was no stopping me. I appeared on Channels 9 and 7 and performed alongside the Bee Gees. At the tender age of 10, I merited the accolade of being the youngest to perform on Australia’s Amateur Hour at the Rialto Theatre which was later owned by the renowned Nancy Weir, the Australian Concert pianist.

Do you remember when Coca Cola Bottlers were in James Street where Centro is today? Well, I was their Talent Quest Grand Final winner!

No wonder I ended up performing in piano recitals and in the ABC Concerto competition. Practice makes perfect, so the saying goes, so I found myself being a regular winner on 4KQ talent quests. I became a classical piano teacher, a voluntary pianist for War Widows, and played at Whitehouse recitals which earned me a concert grand piano.

Can you believe that with all of this musical activity, I also held down a day job and kept up studies. I was a ‘wool girl’ at Dalgetys in Brisbane and Australian Estates at Teneriffe.

Perhaps you’re wondering about my signature piece? It’s ‘Etude de Concert’ by Franz Listz. It was recorded by 4KQ and earned many first prizes.

Just who am I? I’m Florence O’Brien’s daughter, Lorraine Tomlinson of New Farm.

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