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Marine Engineering - What is it All About?
31 Dec 2018

The field of marine engineering has evolved and diversified in the recent decade. It has branched out into specialized fields that deal with design, development, and production of equipment used in sea vessels, nautical science, and naval architecture. Marine engineering is a vast field, and if you are planning to pursue a career in it, the post will guide you in the right direction.

What’s included in marine engineering

As said, diploma in marine engineering isn’t restricted to designing and developing marine vessels. Students are taught the concepts of electrical components used in ships, engines, and propulsions. They learn to design, build, as well as maintain boats, ships, and other sea vessels.

Who can pursue a career in marine engineering?

To pursue a career in marine engineering, a student needs to finish higher grade education in science, engineering, and technology. There are marine colleges in India that have a Bachelor’s degree program in marine engineering. While the bachelor’s program introduces students to ship design, propulsion, and fluid dynamics, Master’s and Doctoral course will cover broader aspects of electrical power systems, material science, etc.

For those not willing to pursue Master’s or Doctoral, a Master of Business Administration could be the pathway to secure leading roles in naval architecture, shipping, and offshore oil exploration.

Career opportunities in marine engineering

Marine engineering is one of the most sought-after career options. For those who want to be a part of the defense sector, marine engineering could help them get into the Navy. Besides this, marine engineers find opportunities in:

  • Shipping firms
  • Shipyards
  • Ship design and building firms
  • Research institutions
  • Maritime universities
  • Engine manufacturing company

What is the salary scale?

Marine engineers often get a pay package that’s higher than what engineers in other fields are drawing. A starter could get anywhere between INR 45,000 to INR 60,000 per month in the public sector. The package could be between INR 55,000 to INR 70,000 in private sector.

The more experience a candidate gains, the more salary they get. A marine engineer with 1 - 4 years of experience can get anywhere between INR 4.8 lakhs to INR 19 lakhs per annum.

Top 5 Indian companies for Marine Engineers

  •  ABG Shipyard Ltd.
  •  Walrus Marine & Engineering Company Private Ltd.
  •  Zentech India Offshore & Marine Enterprises.
  •  IRM Offshore and Marine Engineers Private Ltd.
  •   Coastal Marine Construction and Engineering Ltd.

Top 5 international companies for marine engineers

  •   Shanghai Waigaoqiao
  •   Imabari Shipbuilding
  •   Hyundai Mipo
  •   Oshima Shipbuilding
  •   suneishi Shipbuilding

Top 5 Colleges in India for marine engineering

Pursuing a degree in marine engineering from a reputable college increases your chances of getting hired by one of the top companies at a good pay scale. If you want to build a career in marine engineering, here’s the list of top marine colleges in India you should prepare for.

  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune
  • Vels Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai
  • International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida, UP
  • Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Tamil Nadu
  • College of Engineering, Vizag
  • Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training, Pune
  • Chennai School of Ship Management, Tamil Nadu
  • Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata
  • Mangalore Marine College and Technology, Mangalore
  • Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai


For those keen on pursuing a career in marine engineering, the post shares details of this highly in-demand field of engineering.

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