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6 Mistakes to Avoid with Press Releases
3 Jan 2019

Press releases are very beneficial for a business to promote within a short period and get the target audiences with a little effort. But this press release may not work a bit if you do some mistakes while writing or publishing them. So, you need to be very professional to write a press release for your business organization.


Your press release can instantly be unaccepted if it contains any of the followings,

Irrelevant Story or Content: The first mistake people make when writing a press release is they do not choose a content that is newsworthy or relevant. Picking up something common and already covered news is not expected by the journalists because they get plenty of them daily. Bring something innovative, unique, and interesting that grab the audiences.


Not Considering Customers’ Preferences: A press release should include customers’ preferences more than promoting you. Though a press release is about promoting your business, it is more important to focus on the customers’ choice and demand on the writing.


Pick the Wrong Publication: Your story deserves publishing if it really has that quality. Sometimes your press release does not get preference by the reporters who are somewhat biased to others. To make your press release published instantly, you should add an attractive headline to your writing to grab the attention of the audience.


Making the Press Release Too Long and Over-Exposed: Press releases have a required length of words, which is about 400-600 maximum. If you write more than that, the content becomes exaggerated with too many sentences. There is no need to overexpose the content rather outline the main points and info.


Not adding any Contact Details: Your press release should include related contact information such as your company’s email address, phone number etc. so that the audience can contact you for any queries.


Choosing the wrong Distribution Service: To distribute the press release to the related media sources, it is required to choose the right press release distribution service. Invest your money to the paid services but make sure they are reliable and trustworthy.


Press releases need to be well organized and qualified enough to make the journalists convinced to publish it in several media. Some silly mistakes can make your newsworthy content unacceptable. So, to get the best response instantly, you should be careful while writing and mailing the press release.



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