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iCEDQ - ETL Test Automation Platform for Data Lakes & Data Warehouses
9 Jan 2019

Are you aware; 99% of the companies have automated their Application Testing, but for Data Projects it is not even 1%!!! Why is that? To understand this huge gap, we need to first understand the difference between software applications, and data-centric projects. • Most software applications have user screens. 

• On the other hand, data projects have jobs running in the background, also referred as ETL processes. 

• For screen-based testing, there are many QA Automation tools. 

• But, the screen-based testing, is not useful for ETL jobs. Hence, we created iCEDQ. A rules engine for ETL test automation. Developers build 1000s of ETL jobs to process external or internal data. All these data processes must be tested and certified before releasing to production. To perform such data-centric testing, iCEDQ supports three types of rules. 

• Validation Rule – Validates data 

• Reconciliation Rule – Compares two data sets and 

• Scripting Rule – Orchestrates and Execute Process Flow Also, depending on performance and scalability requirements, iCEDQ offers 

• Standard Edition 

• High Throughput Edition and 

• Big Data Edition for Hadoop iCEDQ’s solution work in the cloud or your data center. It supports testing for all ETL tools, databases, Hadoop and different files formats. Automate your ETL testing. Get iCEDQ today! Request Free 30 Day Trial: https://icedq.com/download-icedq-trial #ETLTestAutomation #ETLTestingTool #DataWarehouseTesting

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