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iCEDQ - Data Migration Test Automation Platform
9 Jan 2019

Companies are migrating from the Legacy system to the new system or to the cloud. For this migration to be successful, the first step is to ensure that the schema in the new system is consistent with the legacy system. This verification of the new schema is done with iCEDQ. After schema verification, the historical data is migrated to the new system. At this step, iCEDQ can reconcile the initial state of the data between the legacy and the new system. Thus, ensuring the initial data consistency between both the systems. After the System are Synced up. The system needs to prove that given the same input the new systems produce the same result as the legacy. This is checked, by running both systems in parallel and executing the same transactions in both systems. At this point, iCEDQ can reconcile data between both the systems to certify that the output matches the old system. iCEDQ automates your data migration testing by certifying the schema as well as the data. With iCEDQ Automate your data migration testing, shrink the project timelines, increase test coverage and reduce project risk. 

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