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Benefits of Having Organic Dairy
7 Feb 2019

As more and more people turn health-conscious, the demand for organic dairy is seeing a northward trend. Many reports have underlined the hazards related to consuming adulterated milk and other milk products. As a result, the demand for milk extracted from organically-fed cows is rising. If you are wondering whether or not it’s worth paying the premium price for organic cow milk and products made using it, then go through this comprehensive list of benefits of consuming organic dairy products and decide for yourself.

1.Contains heart-healthy fatty acids

Fat from dairy products helps improve the fatty acid profile, but it is even more beneficial if the dairy products are made using organic whole milk. As compared to milk-products made using conventionally-extracted milk, full-fat organic milk has more amounts of anti-inflammatory fatty acids, for example, Omega-3s which are well-known for their brain and heart-healthy properties. The same has been proven in a  study published in the journal.

2.More Conjugated Linoleic Acid

It is a well-known fact that Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has multiple positive effects on the human body and it needs to be added to our diet. A study published in a Journal of Agriculture lists the benefits of CLA which include muscle growth, improved immunity against diseases, better metabolic rate, helps reduce abdominal fat, decreases the susceptibility to allergic reactions etc. As mentioned further in the said study, “this fatty acid has some beneficial effects (anticarcinogen,  protective effect against arteriosclerosis) on human health  (MacDonald, 2000).  It  has  been  reported  that  it  reduces  LDH cholesterol  and the  risk  for heart  disease (Beppu  et al., 2006; Choi et al., 2007; Smit et al., 2010).” The study also throws light on the fact that cows which are made to graze on pastures produce more CLA in their milk as compared to cows that are fed fodder. 

3.Antibiotics and hormone-free 

As per sources, “any use of antibiotics in animals without disease or documented disease exposure, has led to the development of antibiotic-resistant (AR) bacteria, which have infiltrated our food system and pose a major risk to human health. Second, growth hormones are injected into the cows to increase the production and meet the demand for milk. The presence of steroid hormones in dairy products could be counted as an important risk factor for various cancers in humans, states a 2015 study published in the Iranian Journal of Public Health. Consumption of organic dairy products, therefore, is a healthier and safer option in all aspects. Further, when 68% of milk in India has been found to be adulterated, it makes sense to switch to organic dairy products.

4.  Taste and texture

The chemicals injected into fodder-fed cows affect the taste and texture of the milk. Therefore, organic milk and other milk products have a neutral, richer, and thirst-quenching flavour. Its texture is smoother, creamier and thicker. On the other hand, regular milk feels and taste more watery and tastes a bit sweeter.

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