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The Wireless Microphone for The Hearing Impaired – A Modern Invention for an Age Old Problem
28 Mar 2019

Technology continues to make considerable contributions in the field of hearing impairment. Until now cochlear implants and hearing aids have been the most commonly used devices to aid in helping people hear again. But these devices have their own issues, with clarity of sound being one key problem. Modern, game-changing technology has helped evolve microphone for hearing impaired that are devoid of any kind of external noise or distortion in the speech that the listener gets to hear. The Roger Pen is one such innovation. It represents the latest in automated technology, that when used in conjunction with a basic hearing aid helps in removing background noises almost a hundred percent - so much so that speech being delivered at a large distance is also now audible to the listener with absolute clarity and precision.

These modern-day microphones for hearing impaired not only use cutting-edge technology, they also look super smart, are handy, portable and completely discreet. They are wireless, can be clipped onto the shirt and can even be used with a smartphone or a GPS system inside the car for improvised hearing. Such Bluetooth shirt microphone work using Bluetooth technology so that they can be connected to external devices like a smart phone and even multimedia devices like a Home Theatre, TV etc.

Striving hard to hear a speech properly can be strenuous and cause of tension and anxiety for a person with hearing issues – especially one who needs to interact with others on a daily basis. The wireless automated microphone for hearing impaired is the best possible way to resolve such issues.



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