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Top 6 Bathroom Design Ideas
2 Apr 2019

The bathroom offers the ultimate refuge for individuals of all ages, whether you are looking to indulge yourself with a long soak after a hard day’s work or fancy a morning shower to start the day off. For many people however bathrooms tend to be the least loved rooms in the house when it comes to decoration, with the majority of householders convinced that you need a big budget to improve the look and feel of this essential space.

There are however a number of design ideas that you can implement to give the bathroom in your home the tender loving care it deserves. Check out our top six-bathroom design ideas from Austwestconstruction.

Opt for a footed bath

Footed baths are luxurious fixtures that can be brought within budget whilst providing maximum impact on the design front. Unbeknown to many footed baths aren’t just reserved for period homes. There is a selection of footed baths on the market to complement the interiors of modern and traditional homes alike. In comparison with built-in baths, these create extra floor space, making small bathrooms look bigger and giving larger spaces a touch of grandeur.

Get creative with your basin

The basin is a basic necessary in any bathroom but choosing one that makes your bathroom look like an extension of the home is important. Go for a housed basin instead of a traditional model that is fixed to the wall. There is a plethora of stylish basin furniture available, meaning there’s something for every budget and every taste.

Team practicality with style

Whilst we all want a super stylish space, the bathroom also has to be practical, especially if you have a family to cater for. Never use carpet in the bathroom, regardless of how luxurious it may seem. Instead opt for low maintenance and equally luxurious engineered wood flooring or tiles.

Invest in the right lighting

Your choice of lighting can make all the difference to any room within the home, and the same is true in the bathroom. Again, team practicality with style by positioning fixtures around your basin area for grooming as well as lighting up the entire room. Low level lighting from candles is also highly recommended and will create that romantic and luxurious atmosphere for you and your partner to enjoy once the kids have gone to bed!

Be savvy about storage

Regardless of the size of the bathroom space you have to work with, storage should be a priority on your list, after all you don’t want your toiletries and accessories to overflow into other areas within your home. There are lots of creative ways that storage can be incorporated into the bathroom, whilst bathroom furniture design will also play an essential role in creating the storage space you need.

Consider the little things that make a big difference

Accessorising is the perfect way to finish the look and feel of your bathroom as well as complement your wider colour scheme. As well as trinkets such as decorative bottles, vases, lanterns and candles, using mirrors and mirrored surfaces within the bathroom is a functional and stylish way of making the room appear bigger.

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