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Ultimate Face Painting Tutorial for Beginners
21 Apr 2019

Face painting isn’t just for kids. Whether you plan on going to a costume party or just trying to see what you can come up with, experimenting with face paints can help you indulge in a bit of fun. Before you try your hand at it, here are a few tips for first-timers like you.

Start with animals

Start out with simple faces. Animals may be a good option. Try doing big cats like lions and tigers or leopards. The whiskers are always a nice touch. You could look online for sample designs to see which ones you like.

Put together a kit

Before you can start painting faces, though, you’ll need to invest in a good kit. This should have a handy selection of watercolor brushes and a palette of at least 12 colors, including black face paint, something that you can use for many occasions. You’ll need to replenish this one often.

Ditch the brush

A basic makeup kit must also include sponges. Try baby sponges since they’re softer and well able to absorb the color more. Go for the big one and just cut it out into smaller portions, the Huffington Post says. Brushes aren’t effective with face paints. You get to cover a larger area when you use a sponge. It’s also so much faster.

Take pictures

Whether you’re doing a Halloween face with your black face paint or just trying to play around with shapes, taking photos of the results will help you improve. You can pinpoint mistakes you’ve been making or areas you’ll need to improve on when you study the photos. Don’t let the bad results discourage you, though. Everyone has to start somewhere. Keep practicing and you’ll get better at it.

Look for stencils

If you’re starting to experiment with other people’s faces, but you aren’t confident of your drawing skills just yet, no worries. Start looking for stencils. From stars and hearts to flowers and more, stencils will make it easier for you to paint on people’s faces with excellent details, the ThoughtCo.says.

Use glitter

This is a life-saver. If you’re doing your niece’s face and she doesn’t seem entirely happy with the results, you can always use a liberal dose of glitter to improve the design. It’s not going to work all the time but it’s a good temporary solution. Plus, kids love glitter, so you can hardly go wrong, especially if you get it in the right shade.

Have plenty of tissues on hand

Face painting is messy. And if you’re still practicing, then you’re likely to make a lot of mistakes. Remember to stock up on a lot of tissues, then. That way, you only have to reach over for a tissue to fix your mistakes. Also, tissues are much safer to use on faces rather than relying on a cotton towel or handkerchief. Plus, tissues are much more sanitary, especially if you’re going to practice on more than one face.

Have fun with face painting. Try out these tips.


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