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5 Benefits of Clear Plastic Folding Carton Designs
29 Apr 2019

When launching a new product in the market, it is the aesthetic appeal of the packaging that is going to take you a long way. Therefore, plastic retail packaging, which is transparent and attractive is great for packaging consumer-grade electronics and health and beauty products.

When a brand is seeking a quality packaging to highlight the characteristics of the product, it should opt for a packaging which has an excellent aesthetic appeal and comes in handy when looking for something to protect the product as well. And clear plastic substrates come with a great visual display capability and protect the product too. All thanks to the advancement in technology which has made transparent plastic packaging boxes a favourite amidst the manufacturers.

Here, we are going to take you through what are the uses of foldable plastic cartons and what are the benefits which make them stand out.

Plastic Retail packaging boxes are in vogue when it comes to packaging:

•    Health and Beauty items such as cosmetics, hair products, those for skincare.

•  Consumer-grade electronics, nowadays, succumb to foldable plastic packaging because it gives the consumers better insight into the feel, shape, and size of the products and the new and evolved cutting-edge technology.

Benefits of Clear Plastic Folding Carton Designs

1.    The transparent packaging provides the consumer with a real view of the product. Viewing the product with the naked eye is an expectation of the consumer which an image can never fulfil. Therefore, transparent plastic packaging boxes give the sales an instant boost.

2.    Primary packaging of the product, i.e., the container which is in direct contact with the product can be easily showcased through transparent plastic cartons. For products such as perfumes which are contained in exclusively designed glass bottles, it is certainly perfect for attracting the buyers.

3.    Not every customer loves the guessing game about the size of the product by judging the quantity and the picture of the product on the label. They are more interested in knowing what size, colour, and quantity they are paying for looks like. Plus, if you’ve included a ‘give away’ item in the box, your customers have all the rights to see what it looks like for more attraction.

4.    The ever-so-stunning imaging and designs on the plastic substrates can call the customers from their homes to the markets in a jiffy. However, as versatile as the packaging can be, you also need to make sure that the agency you are dealing with provides quality work. Otherwise, printing and imaging on plastic substrates is difficult and easily go wrong.

5.    Perfect for gift-packages, plastic retail packaging boxes can be combined with the solid cardboard base and backing to stand out of the crowd. The recipients will no longer have to pick out each item from a box to see what they’ve received and they can merely check out all of them from the stunning display transparent packaging offers.

So, if you are planning to launch a product into the market, say cosmetics, you should opt for transparent and foldable plastic packaging so that your potential customers can better see what they are going to invest in looks like and how much they are getting for the price they will pay. Remember, the golden rule of the consumer market is not to offer consumers unnecessary deals but the packaging.

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