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5 Ideas to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Gold Pendant Sets
3 May 2019

Gold pendant sets are timeless pieces of elegance that add an extra charm to the wearer’s gait. These jewellery pieces with their intricate yet simple designs have ruled the hearts of women since ages. They are also in demand by women of all ages for their simplicity. The best part about these sets is that they can be easily paired with most dresses.

Also, wearing them with different accessories come with a multitude of options. While they perfectly complement traditional attires, you can also try out various fun and quirky ways to amplify its effect on your outlook. What better way to do so than accessorise your gold pendant set?

5 different ideas to accessorise your gold pendant sets:

Choose accessories according to the occasion

Your choice of ornaments depends a lot upon the event you'll be wearing them for. Similarly, when choosing accessories to match with your gold pendant set, it’s critical that you keep the occasion in mind.

For a family function, you may pair the pendant set with statement earrings and gold kadas. However, when attending a formal event, go with gemstone-studded earrings to keep it minimal.

Know the options you can have

Remember, your choice of accessory also depends on your knowledge of accessories that can be paired up with the gold pendant sets. There’re a whole lot of options available that you can try. Choose from the different types of bracelets, neckpieces, watches, rings, earrings, and more.

Consider the outfit before finalising the accessory

Your choice of accessory to team up with a gold pendant set also depends upon the outfit you have chosen to wear. If you decide to wear a simple outfit, accessories that are creative and complement your pendant set can be a perfect choice.

However, if your choice of cloth prints is quite loud or the outfit has bright colours, its best to pair your pendant set with subdued accessories like tear-drop earrings or minimal bracelet designs.

Experiment with a mix-and-match of metals

The world of fashion is changing fast, and many old fashion rules that were stringent earlier are now redundant. So, unlike earlier, today you can match your gold pendant set with accessories made of other metals like copper, silver, brass, etc.

Does anything more need to be said? Go, grab your silver rings or copper bracelets and try making a statement pairing them up with the vintage gold pendant set.

Ditch matching accessories for a dash of colour

Are you ready to break another fashion rule? Experts say its time you ditched matching accessories with your jewellery centrepiece and tried something new. This fun new way of teaming up gold pendant sets with colourful accessories has received quite a liking among the masses.

Earrings, nose rings or bangles in contrasting colours can spread magic; try them!

What are you waiting for? Try these ideas for upcoming social events one thing at a time and mesmerise the onlookers with your choice of gold pendant set and accessories.


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