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Can you only medicate allergies or can you actually cure your allergies?
7 May 2019

No matter what you’ve read over the course of time trying to figure out how to stop your allergies you’ll come across one fact, “You can’t cure your allergies.” That means you’re stuck with taking over the counter medications, seeing doctors, going through testing and then back to medications again. Some people get really lucky and find a treatment plan with the help of their doctor that works. There are others, however that are unable to find relief seemingly no matter what course of action they take. This leaves some to wonder if indeed, allergies really can be cured?


Can you only medicate allergies or can you actually cure your allergies?


Depending on your body’s response to certain treatments, we’ve come across a few things that actually suggest that in a sense, you can cure your allergies. We’re not saying they’ll be gone forever, but what we have noticed is that by doing some few simple things, you won’t be bothered by them—at all! Let’s get in a little bit deeper with these all natural methods, but please keep in mind, any time you take your health in your own hands, it’s something that should be discussed with your doctor.


Now reading through articles I’ve found some sources say that they’ve taken the homeopathic approach to deal with their allergies. By going to someone who practices in western medicine, they were able to be symptom free with the use of Acupuncture and consuming three tablespoons of raw honey with pieces of honey comb in it a day. For those who don’t understand this process it’s because the honey comb has pollen on it from the bees. Mixed with the honey it’s giving your body constant exposure to what it’s allergic to which builds up immunity and makes some symptom free. The acupuncture? Well, we’re still out on how that exactly helps, but for some it supposedly has.


The next natural method we’ve come across and heard the most praise about is the infamous netti pot. The netti pot looks just like a normal tea kettle and just requires a solution of Luke warm water and salt. For those who don’t want to mix their own solutions, you can buy packs of netti mix which go with the kettle. Anyway, so you heat up your water and then pour the water up one nostril and it comes out the other flushing away any pollen, debris and so forth. Not only have some people said that it’s cured them of allergy symptoms by using it on each side twice a day, but others have sworn by using it when they started feeling sick also chased away infection.


I’m not so sure there is an exact science behind it, but I do know this—pollen will attach itself to the hairs and stuff on the inside of your nose. This is what starts the symptoms for those who suffer from allergies. It only seems to make sense that to flush that stuff out would leave you feeling better and symptom free, but it’s just something you’ll have to try for yourself and see!

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