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Call to Action Professor Ian Hickie
27 Sep 2011
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arts health policy
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Anne Harkin Tue, 18 Oct 2011 1:38pm

Multicultural Arts Victoria has worked with many newly arrived refugee and other migrant communities on arts projects of all kinds - music, theatre, visual arts, dance etc The participants have expressed that such projects are an important means of self-expression and of connecting to the wider Australian community - both important factors underpinning mental health and wellbeing. MAV fully supports the philosophy that art and well being are intrinsically linked and that this link must be officially recognised and built into government funding policy...for both health and the arts.

Janet Myers Mon, 26 Nov 2012 10:47pm

Arts are a birthright. We are born with creativity within us. I volunteered in a hospital and taught art to wards of sectioned patients.  To see someone who can take a blank piece of paper, and turn it into a form of expression and feel good about it....to be able to express, is a wonderful thing.  When music, poetry, words, dance, visual arts come together.....many great things happen. Community happens. A unity. A feeling of wholeness and good happy vibrations. It is uplifting. The mind, body and soul relax.  Stress, anxiety, worry, things that deteriorate ones well being, demise.....one begins recovery. This is an almost instant process for all involved. Positive transformations happen with Arts.