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Pros and Cons of a Career in Merchant navy
1 Jul 2019

Merchant Navy is a will-o'-the-wisp job for many youngsters. By taking the Merchant Navy as your profession, you will become more trained in your life. You will connect with many different aspects and get a lot of exposure in terms of flexibility and travel. But Merchant Navy career is not for everyone. You have to learn deeply in merchant navy institutes in India.  As usual, like other professions, there are some deceptions to this job.

The merchant navy formation includes various types of vessels, such as tourist liners, cargo vessels, weight carriers for cargo like food grains and minerals, refrigerator ships for carrying perishable food items, trucks for transporting oil and other petroleum goods and other special kinds of ships. So here we will review all the pros and cons of entering the Merchant Navy.



 Chances to Travel

Tour lovers will discover this point very attractive. The merchant navy, without any difficulty, will help you go around the world. It is a job that requires seafaring. You can go around the world for free since your job demands you to go around the world!


Pay and perks

Merchant navy lines are high paying. Pay and perks are as amazing as ever. Competition has increased because of the number of competitors and the common salary has increased similarly.


NRI status

Pirates who cruise for more than 182 days are granted the status of NRI by the Government of India. If a seaman sets on a trip for more than 182 days, he or she technically can recognize as an NRI.

 This NRI status can be applied to avail Income tax as well as other economic advantages. The salary of an NRI sailor will be completely tax-free! To achieve the NRI status, the sailor must have consumed more than 182 days of a fiscal year outside India. If he or she settles with this criterion, the earnings will be tax-free for that particular fiscal year.



If you don’t know how the work calendar runs, let us provide you an example. Usually, sailors embark on a mission and are stay shipped until they arrive at the destination. The days they spend on board could differ, depending upon the area and type of job. It could be 3 months, 6 months or 8 months or even longer. Yes, one has to kill time aboard the ship.

 But after the job, one also could hold a generous stretch of leaves! For example, one could have 2, 3 or even more months of stay. This, to an amount, repays the long periods carried aboard the ship!



Away from Home

If you will be a sailor then you will surely feel homesickness at some period in time. You will be gone from your home for a long time that possibly is 12 months in some cases. Even you will have no connectivity to your place. You and also your family have to be very definite.


Uncertainties involved in work

Sailors forward the sea. It is not a simple task. The working circumstances aboard a ship are not too healthy. Sailors have to brave challenges like the furious sea, testing weather statuses and other risks.


Hijacking is another concern. But thanks to the improved attention given to the threat of pirates and their actions by Governments around the world. It is not big attention these days. Still, the warning does exist though! If you think to Join Merchant Navy, examine the pros and cons and then make a decision.

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