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Why You Should Get Professional Pest Control in Case of a Bedbug Infestation
12 Jul 2019

Trying to take up the treatment of bed bug infest in your home is like doing self-medication on yourself- which of course is wrong and not advised by health agencies and professionals.

      Hiding Place

Bedbugs are insects that can be found in sleeping areas in the home like couches, beds, duvets, wooden furniture and mattresses. While these insects are nocturnal, they are very active in the night and live on the blood of their hosts. Bedbugs are known to be able to live for at least a year without feeding on blood.


Bed bugs are insects that have an appearance with a few varying characteristics depending on their age. The adult bedbugs are generally flat and oval with the absence of hind wings. They are usually light brown or reddish brown with some minuscule hairs around the abdomen. These adult bedbugs can grow to a length of 7mm in length and 3mm in width.


Bedbugs love to stay in humid and warm conditions which is the main reason you can find them in the crevices of your furniture, or the nooks of your mattresses. Bedbugs typically breed by slashing the abdomen of the female to inject his sperms into it. Bedbugs can sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between male bugs and a female so they can sometimes attack each other.  When this happens, the other male emits a pheromone to scare off the offending males.

      Life Stages

Bedbugs has 3 life stages, and it starts at the egg stage laid by the adult bug. A female bedbug can produce as much as 500 eggs in their lifetime. When you look at this number, it results in a massive exponential infestation because many of the females will grow to reproduce more eggs if a professional bed bug pest control is not in place as soon as possible. Bedbugs eggs hatch after 6-12 days and turn into a nymph of about 1mm and can start feeding off his host at this stage. In less than 52hrs, a nymph can grow into a full adult shedding its exoskeleton about 5 different times along this growth process.

      Bedbug treatment

Treating bedbugs is not a simple task, which means it requires the involvement of a professional bed bug exterminator in Manchester if you reside around Manchester. Getting a professional pest controller will give you the convenience though at a cost, but the services will put your mind at rest.

Don't try to self treat the situation as this could lead to a more complicated case for the professionals or even have an adverse negative effect on your health and that of your pests.

Before you invite a pest control professionals, try and check their track records so you have the confidence that your situation can also be handled.

Bedbugs don't give pleasant experiences, and they can cause serious skin and health problems for their hosts, so it is advisable to get a bed bug pest control professional involved. This is the best and fitting solution!

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