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Crystal Red Shrimp Water Parameters Made Easy
24 Jul 2019

Whether you have simply begun reproducing CRS AKA Crystal red shrimps or have been maintaining them for quite some time you will certainly understand now that water specifications are critical to their survival. 

Although they may make it through in a selection of problems there is a large distinction between enduring and also prospering - Master constant optimal Water Specifications and also they will be breeding like crazy which can be satisfying financially if you play your cards right. 

Depending where on the internet you go you will listen to a variety of viewpoints as to what are the suitable water parameters for breeding CRS as hobbyists as well as dog breeders around the world all have various water conditions. 

Although individuals will certainly tell you it's vital that you run your water via a Reverse Osmosis Filtration system before utilizing the water in your container I can guarantee you I know lots of successful breeders who are utilizing straight tap water which they are de chlorinating themselves. 

If you decide to go down the course be mindful that if by chance you have a burst water pipe down the street you may end up arbitrarily using infected water in your storage tank as well as potentially shed all of your shrimp. In my viewpoint if you're serious about breeding and keeping shrimp you ought to spend $200 in getting yourself a RO device. 

OK now to the granular water criteria of crystal red shrimp. 

I personally have had one of the most successes with the following. 

TDS - 100 - 120 

PH - 5.5 - 6.5 

Temperature 23- 24 degrees 

Ammonia 0 

Nitrate 0 

Nitrite 0 

That being claimed consistency is actually the secret here - When I first entered into shrimp Maintaining I bought a tank that had a TDS of 250 - 300 which was packed with Crystal Red Shrimp and also they were breeding just great. This container was additionally working on faucet water and also they were just fed spinach tabs. 

Beyond Ideal water Criteria for breeding crystal red shrimp you truly need to do your research on preserving these parameters which is a discovering curve in itself. I personally recommend you start much less sensitive types of shrimp such as low grade CRS or CBS up until you can with confidence claim that you can manage your water criteria. 

One point that caught me out when I was first beginning was the lack of water modifications - Personally I have had one of the most success with doing a 10% water change every 7 Days like clock job as well as lastly ensure you top up your water a minimum of when a week as it will certainly vaporize.

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