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The Glowdiators approach
27 Jul 2019

Dance is an art form which offers a new perspective to the world. People try to bring change and reform in the world through words. But not everyone understands them. Dance is something which can bridge this gap. The steps of dance convey a story and a feeling. It reaches to people’s heart and makes them understand the changes we need to bring. This is the power of dance. One such group which reaches to people’s heart through their performances is “The Glowdiators”. The Glowdiators is a dance group from Delhi who use LED Tron dance in the performances.

About The Glowdiators

The Glowdiators is a Tron dance group India. They use some special effects in their dance and make the performance for mesmerizing. The company is all about dance and technology. It is a Tron dance group who performs acts known as “LED Tron Dance” which is using LED lights in each of their performance. This type of dance is a big step in the field of dance. All of their performance carries a story which helps in bringing a difference in society. The dance company gives you some beautiful and great visual impacts and they are a big name in the field of dance now.

What is special about The Glowdiators?

The Glowdiators is a Tron dance company and they have excelled in their field. The dance company is a fabulous blend of impacts and visuals. The Glowdiators is assets, who are the combination of innovation and creative skills. They came up with ideas which the world has not seen before and they inculcated that in their dance performance. Their sole motive is to increase the standards of their performance whenever they come into the spotlight and try to bring change through their performances.

They have staged these LED Tron dance act for various reality shows and companies. The company is so dedicated in their work, they give unforgettable performances through a great visual, storyline and the best artistic level of creativity. The performances given by them are international level. They are one of the best Tron dance group India

Members of The Glowdiators

The Glowdiators is a dance group which originated from Delhi. It is one of the best dance group in Delhi. This group combines dance with branding which is one of the coolest ways to brand a product. The thought behind The Glowdiators came from one of the members of the dance group named Nikhil. Nikhil along with his dance group members wanted to do something innovative and artistic. Hence they came up with starting Glowdiators which is an amalgamation of both dance and technology. The Glowdiators is a group with members each trained in different styles of dance. All the members started as a professional dancer in different styles and now they all are together creating history with their performances.

Types of performances by The Glowdiators

The dance group is very versatile and innovative. They try to inculcate all the beautiful elements in their actions which will make it look amazing. This LED Tron dance group is versatile and dedicated. They perform different types of acts and are consistently amazing in each one of them. Some of their dance styles include

•    Alien Tron dance: They use neon or LED or Tron costumes for this act. They work as a set of three or five dancers and create an illusion on the stage. The dance is perfectly thrilling and best for events such as college fests.

•    MJ/PSY Tron dance: All the MJ fans and PSY fans will love this performance. They perform dance known as Michael Jackson and also the Gangnam style with their beautiful LED costumes. The performance is full of energy and apt for college fests and carnivals.

There are various other types which the dance company performs on stage and makes people mesmerized by their dance and creativity. The Tron Bhangra act is one of them which makes people groove to their beats.

The Glowdiators-LED Tron dance group is going to perform in various cities in a few days. So grab your chance and get tickets for this amazing dance show which has so much excitement to it. Events are as follows:

1.    Date: 14. June.19

Location: Shimla

Event: Corporate, GAIN PAN India

Acts: Alien tron+Psy Tron


2.    Date: 19. June.19

Location: Indore

Event: Private

Acts: Bhangra Tron + MJ Tron


3.    Date: 29. June.19

Location: Leela, Yamuna complex, Delhi

Event: Corporate, Amulya, MICA

Acts: Bhangra Tron + MJ Tron


4.    Date: 30.June.19

Location: Noida

Event: Private

Acts: Bhangra Tron

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