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Variety flowers from Virgin Farms
6 Aug 2019


In each region of the world, many varieties of flowers grow, there are a lot of types that maybe some people have seen, but do not know which one it is. We are going to present some wonderful variety of flowers, full of colors and different in shapes. Some of them are recognized because they are usually used to design floral arrangements. Other flowers are famous because they are representative in global celebrations, such as St. Valentines or Mother’s Day. Each flowers grow in lands from around the world, but nowadays they are produced by flower farms, so they can be found easily worldwide. Lets take a look of these variety of flowers and its unique features.

Pincushion Protea

This is an exotic species originally from South Africa and Zimbawe, Pincushion Protea grows naturally in habitats, including thickets, forests and mountain slopes. This exotic flower stand out for its colored and brilliant flowers and especially for their unusual appeareance and their pollination sequence. This plant belongs to the Proteo family, which grows as woody bushes or trees. The green leaves are hard and leathery. Proteas are popular in the floral market, so they are produced in different zones as in North America (California), in Oceania (Australia) and Middle East (Israel).

Carnival Solidago

Solidago is a perennial specie native from North America, South America and Eurasia that belongs to the type Solidago, which is made up of about 100 different species.

It is characterized by reaching heights between 60 and 150 centimeters, with slender stems, sheets of lanceolate lines with serrated margins. The flowers appear grouped in clusters during spring. These flowers owns a brilliant yellow hue.

Oriental Lily ‘Flashpoint’

Flashpoint is the name for an Oriental Trumpet Hybrid Lily. This flower can grow up to 105 cm and possibly even taller as the bulb matures. Flashpoint’s flowers mixes colors in a scheme of magenta, hot pin, pink, white, and dark green long stems that will undoubtedly give color to any garden or a perfect floral arrangement for inner spaces. Other feature is their marvelous fragrance.

Roseberry Hot Pink Rose

This rose delight with its hot pink color. It owns a brilliant and saturated hue. The rose has a length around 50 to 70 cm. It is produced in many flower farms around the world. Check out our Roseberry hot pink rose in the Virgin Farms’ catalogue.

Hilux Orange Rose

Hilux is the name of a variety of orange rose. Its color is intense and attractive. Orange roses in many occasions symbolizes joyful. Orange roses are also associated with concepts of energy and positivity. Hilux mix a scheme of orange to red color in a small amount. This type can grow from 50 to 70 cm and its life goes from 10 to 12 days. Check out our orange roses from Virgin Farms catalogue.

Hearts roses

You might have seen many red roses varieties, although this one makes the difference. We present the variety called Hearts rose. Its deep red hue and shape makes this variety very special for flower arrangements. Its length is about 60 to 80 cm. The fragrance of this rose is very strong and its life goes around 11 to 13 days. As it is know, red roses represents love, passion, friendship or elegance. Undoubtedly, Hearts roses convert any space in elegance when having them in an arrangement. Don’t forget to check out this variety in our catalogue.

High Magic Bicolor Rose

High magic is the name for a bicolor rose that combines a scheme of red and yellow. This mix make this rose looks fantastic. Its petal are very wide and they are used for arrangements that will bring life to any festive. We leave some ideas with bicolor roses. You can check out out High Magic rose in our website.

Fall Novelty Poms, Cushions & Daisies

Fall take with it flowers such as poms, cushions and daises, which match perfect with the representative colors of this season.

Daisies are a very common flower, but makes a beauty in a garden or arrangement. Daisies are native to north and central Europe. The stems are long and thin, where leaves grows and looks longer too. Both are a very dark green color. Daisies owns a medium length flowers, its center is yellow and petals can be in white, lavender or pink color.

Cushions’ petals are thin and long. They are known for its resistance and their rounded and fluffy tops shape that open over long green stems. There is a variety of colors: yellow, white, lavender, orange, bronze, red.

Poms are round shape as a disc and their size is small. They are perfect to be added as a decoration for floral arrangement.

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