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Big Head House (4 of 7)
15 Aug 2019

"Big Head House: Breathe in the Dreams of the Amphibious Gods" is an ensemble-devised site-specific mask performance made in Austin, TX, in the Spring of 2009. Any thoughts on the show? Email us: bigheadhouse@gmail.com Music by The Just Desserts: Michael Shay and Lisa Shawley. Videography by Michael Lacy (final project) and Evan Johnson (youtube channel / archives). Masks made by Kate Braidwood and Zuzka Sabata in Blue Lake, CA. Special thanks to Susan Zeder, Lauren Waterman (photography), Rebecca Wadlinger, Leilani Buddenhagen, Zebediah West, Ana Brett and Ravi Singh.


I think these performer's use of music to help us understand the atmosphere is great. Should we be using music? 

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