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LED Tron Dance – All You Need to Know!
25 Aug 2019

Gone are the days when the traditional dance forms were ruling the stages. Today, various dance forms practiced globally. The traditional dance forms are facing fierce competition with the introduction of the new dance forms.


And the led tron dance form is among the trendiest dance forms which include the use of the latest technology. The dance forms are performed by expert dancers who are visually alluring and brings the wow factor for the audience.


But what is LED Tron dance? Let’s explore all the necessary things related to dance forms.


Tron Dance – An Introduction


Tron dance is a dance form that is carried out with LED lights. The led dance group performs the magical dance using LED lights suits and music-making out different figures with it. The LED suit is inclusive of various safety fuses and structures eliminating unwanted accidents at the time of performance. Perhaps the most important facet of the LED system is the controlling software that manages the formation and playing of the dance, which is harmonized with the music effectually. The entire group works well in matching the colors and operating according to the sequence for giving the viewers a mesmerizing performance.


Types of Tron dances:


The beautiful LED dance group comes up with various forms and styles for giving artistic dances to different audiences for different audiences. Some of the dance forms widely performed include:


·       Skeleton Dance

·       Visual Tron

·       Interactive Act

·       Tron LED dance

·       Tron Bhangra

·       Laser Man Show

·       Visual Pixel Poi

·       Customised Acts

·       LED Buugeng Show

·       LED Drummers

·       Robots

·       Bollywood Tron and many more in the list.


Each dance form comes with a unique exquisiteness that leaves an appealing glimpse of mind-blowing and energetic dances. Be it, small children, young audiences, or even the grown-up elders, the LED dance group is sure to keep you glued to their chairs till the end.


Why is Tron Dance famous than other dance forms?


The LED dance company India, is becoming popular compared to other dance forms carried out worldwide. Here are some of the reasons for its popularity.


·       Attractive Visuals–The LED suits are much different for every dancer in the group. The clothes become the identity of the dancer, and the behavior of the dancer is similar to what he appears in the dance. The attractive visuals provided to the viewers through three types of costumes, namely LED Analog suits, LED digital suits and EI Wire costumes.

·       Unknown numbers –The LED Tron dance is carried out in the dark. All that the viewers would see is the change in the light sequence, which provides with different figures in motion. Hence, it becomes difficult for the viewers to know the number of dancers performing on the stage.

·       Exciting skills–The group of dancers performing the dance are experts of the field. Highly artistic in the dance form, they come with immense practice and experience in dancing with the LED lights and costumes in the shows. Again, the entire dance is carried out in the dark, which is itself a huge challenge.

·       Technology –The Tron dance is performed using various software and hardware. With the help of multiple controllers, the show gets promoted with limited efforts. The technology synchronized with the music and the beats along with the lasers, LED screens and the lights.


These are some of the few reasons which have added to the popularity of the Tron dance among other dance forms globally.


How can Tron Dance help in promoting any brand?


The admiration of the LED Tron dance has made it one of the means of promoting any business. The dance form has added to the goodwill and customer base of the organization. The Tron dance has made the tricky business of marketing quite easy and effective for the organizations. Again, as the dance form is growing prevalent among the viewers, it has managed in creating mind-blowing illusions. Hence, with the help of various themes and selected dancers, branding of the product can be carried out naturally for the public to grab their attention.


The Tron dance is hence a fascinating dance form which comes with a clear theme and objective that leaves an unforgettable impression on the minds of the viewers.

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