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Everything You Should Know About Voice over IP
28 Aug 2019

Voice over IP is quickly becoming popular because of the many benefits it comes with. First, VoIP Phone Systems come with all the features available in the traditional call system, including conference calling, call hunt, call hold, and follow me/ find me. Second, the cost of making long distance phone calls via VoIP is much cheaper compared to a conventional telephone. Third, hosted VoIP systems allow users to not only make traditional phone calls, but also video conferencing calls via VoIP phone.  The difference between VoIP and traditional phone systems is that it provides better features at a reduced cost.


What is VoIP? 

VoIP which is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol refers to a communication method that is designed to transmit voice via a medium which is the internet. The internet is recognized to be a cheap form of communication since it utilizes a current network, which doesn’t have to be physically available. Perhaps the downside of VoIP is that it is not a stable communication source, meaning that if the internet is down the communication will go down as well. In addition to voice, communication can be in the form of data transfer and video.  Voice over IP requires IT monitoring in order for it to function properly.  


How does VoIP work?  

Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephone Systems allows traditional telephony services to function via computer networks by using packet switched protocols. Packet-switched Voice over Internet Protocol converts voice signals into packets, which are the same as an electronic envelope. 


VoIP works the same as other data which are sent via the internet, like email or slack messages. This means voice communication is converted into data packets which are transmitted over an Internet Protocol network. Voice over IP can be transmitted via office networking management like a local area network (LAN). Since VoIP utilizes packets, more information can be transported via the network which supports and enhances your need for communication.


Different types of VoIP

IP Phone Systems

A wireless IP phone that comes with a built-in Wi-Fi can connect to a base station or an access point. The benefit of this is that it allows users to move freely while making a phone call at home or in an office.

USB phones

As the name suggests, USB phones can be connected directly to your laptop via the USB port. USB phones can be used in conjunction with an application like Skype.  


Softphones refer to a software application which is installed directly to your laptop or desktop which allows you to make phone calls from your laptop and personal computer. You can buy softphones if you are a mobile professional, call centers, or road worker.  

Conference phones

IP conference phones usually use in conference rooms as well as large offices where multi-party calls are made.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of voice over internet protocol is that it helps users save money. When you switch to VoIP service, you are sure that you can make international and long distance calls for free. The only cost you will incur is for the internet.  

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