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Tron Dance- Bringing A New Revolution In Dancing
4 Sep 2019

Dance is an art form which is an amalgamation of body rhythm, body balance with the music to express an idea or an emotion. The motion of the body spreads aesthetic and elegant vibes in the minds of the viewer. Every dance form has evolved from time to time, but the expression and feeling remained intact. Dance has different styles which can be


1.       Classical (India)

2.       Hip-Hop

3.       Salsa (Cuba)

4.       Ballet(Russia)

5.       Break-dance(USA)

6.       Flamenco(Spain)

7.       Belly-dancing(Middle-East)

8.       Tango(Argentina)

9.       Kabuki(Japan)

10.    Samba(Brazil)

11.    Bhangra(India)

12.    Jazz


There is a vast number of professional dancers in every corner of the world. India too comprises a significant amount of professional dancers. Several dance organizations, schools, groups have come up or coming up in India to showcase the talent of dance. Several dance group in delhipromote innovative approach in their dance form and grabs deep connection to the masses.


Inspiration to Tron dance


Tron Dance is a newly evolved dance form which creates a balance between music, dance, and light. The striking feature of this form of dance is the use of lights in the costume of dancers. The origin of Tron dance goes back to the late 80's sci-fi movie-'Tron'. The plot talked about a computer programmer who got trapped in a chaos of complicated software world. Later, it talks about how he manages to escape from it.


The glamour of Tron Dance


Tron Dance acts have created havoc excitements in the field of performing art and in the minds of dance enthusiasts. It is quite alluring and at the same time exhilarating dance form. It has a right mix of dance and technology, and thus many professional dancers are taking this dance form leading to the increased fan base. It deals with electronic devices which are fitted in the costumes of the dancers to provide the required glamour in the dance. led tron dance is the one such subform which uses light-emitting diodes to create an elaborate enlightened effect.


To introduce innovation, dancers maintain an irregularity cycle in switching the LED's on and off during their movement. Music plays a vital role in this form. EDM(electronic dance music) is the sole type of music which goes hand in hand with the dance form. The amalgamation of EDM and Tron dance leads to a new dimension of experience and hence renders the audience speechless. 


Tron dance in the Indian context


tron dance group indiahas started the induction of Tron Dance in India around 2007. It is now a full-fledged practiced dance form and taught in several dance groups. More and more groups are incorporating it, optimizing it by creating a fusion with other dance forms be it with bhangra or classical dance forms. They try to introduce several innovative concepts with the dimension of light and electronics.


Types of dance styles optimized till now;


The dance group is always welcoming, attractive and innovative in their actions. They try to implement elegant, aesthetic elements and concepts to portray their motto. Some of the most performed dance styles in this domain are as follows.


Alien Tron dance


In this form of dance, the performers used to wear costumes fitted with neon or LED lights or  Tron suits (which are coated with silicon- LED strips) to maximize the glow in the performance. The costumes designed in such a way that it will create a heavenly environment. The background is usually darkened and with the brightness of LED's it provides the required exotic flavor to the dance. Typically, three or five dancers perform this act.


MJ Tron Dance


Fusion is the sole theme of innovation in their dance, and they beautifully introduce several elements into the typical Tron dance. This dance form deals with the breakdance of legendary Micheal Jackson. They perform the famous moonwalk step in their elegant lighted suits with electronic dance music playing around.


Bhangra Tron dance


While performing in India, they try to introduce the Indian element into the Tron acts. Bhangra is the most induced one for the fusion.




With coming years, it will be a provide a significant thrust in the dancing industry. Many dance reality shows are taking an interest in this form recently to make it more accessible and mainstream. Dancers are also implementing this in their acts to participate in various dance reality shows. Sooner or later, it will be a big thing in the arena of performing arts.

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